KWAVE (http://www.kwave.ai) is one of the services in KWAVEGO (http://www.kwavego.com). It is a social platform where 1 billion Hallyu fans around the world can communicate in one place. Our products now support sending and receiving a variety of media: text, photos, videos, documents, location, as well as voice calls, sharing the contents of Korea Culture such as K-game, K-movie, K-tv-show, K-pop, K-food, K-toon, and K-fashion. It provides a new k-culture experience in the media.
Members earn points just by posting texts or photos, inviting friends, or chatting between members, and these points can be used in shopping malls and to open various events and forums with members. Good donations or fundraising to help people or groups in need are made possible with points.
Members who join the social platform kwave.ai will be able to do all social activities, shopping, and payment in one place without leaving the platform. From the time of membership registration, automated reliability is accumulated by social big data and artificial intelligence technology, resulting in trustworthy transactions between sellers and buyers. In addition, the points accumulated through various social activities such as introducing friends, postings, and comments can be converted into points in the digital wallet.
The global market for cultural content is expected to reach almost an astounding USD 1 trillion as of 2025. In particular, the portion of digital content is expected to reach 52 percent in 2021, compared to only 33.5 percent in 2020, and has been grown rapidly by more than 20 percent annually. To enjoy content in the past, we had to go to a theater or a concert hall, but now we can easily enjoy all of these contents from the comfort of our mobile devices. The digital content market showed significant growth with the advent of relevant platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and the Play Store, which enabled the active distribution of content all over the world. However, as globalization accelerates, the monopoly of several large platforms has deepened, resulting in greater platform influence over content providers.
KWAVE is a decentralized digital content platform that was created through the combination of our AI, big data, and blockchain technology, which is currently in the spotlight. To solve the problem of monopolization of the existing global platforms, it was developed to realize three values: fair, share, and enabler.' KWAVE is a platform that allows all creators to fairly exploit the assets of the platform(fair), share values, vision, and fair returns accordingly(share), and ensures the creator’s freedom to create(enabler).
KWAVE GO hopes to realize this vision into a reality with its users.           
You’re invited to KWAVE Life.
When you enjoy any service, you’ll have the chance to:
• Earn points
• Participate in a donation
• Meet Korean friends
• Hear your stars’ news earlier
• Share your experience with people around the world