High School Rapper 3 Winner Lee Youngji Shares Fitness and Diet Journey

We all wish to be as motivated as Lee Youngji!

Lee Young Ji, High School Rapper 3 grand winner and the hottest Gen Z icon, detailed how she went from spending $4,000 on meal delivery to becoming the hottest rapper in the world.

Lee Young Ji was notorious for ordering meals to be delivered to her home, spending 4 million KRW (about $4K USD) of her 9.7 million KRW award money on food delivery. She announced she was beginning on a diet a year ago in January 2021, claiming she wanted to become healthy and modify her public image as she grew up.

She began by removing delivery foods from the equation. She also began doing pilates and supplementing her diet with dietary supplements. In the first two months, she was able to lose ten kilograms. She didn't stop there, though. With a few cheat days sprinkled throughout the year, she was able to maintain her healthy lifestyle and figure.

She embarked on a tighter diet in December to shoot a body profile. On January 2nd, 2022, she published the full results of her diet project. In a series of Instagram images, she flaunted her toned 175 cm tall physique.

Lee Young Ji was able to lose 10% of her body fat and treat her gastroesophageal reflux. Many internet users praised her hard work and wished her luck on her fitness journey.

Meanwhile, Lee Youngji will be having a concert with Show Me The Money 9 finalist and Outlive rapper, Layone, on January 4, and the two will also release a collab album on January 6.

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