ICYMI: Hip Hop Label Grandline Entertainment Disbands + Rapper and CEO Ja Mezz Admits to Drug Use

He can no longer be referred to as the "Kingmaker."

Rapper Ja Mezz (real name Kim Seong-hee, 32) admits to drug use and disbands his hip-hop label GRDL. However, he denied the allegations of dating assault.

On December 28th, GRDL's released an announcement on their Instagram page saying, "We are deeply aware of the responsibility related to Ja Mezz, the musician and representative of our company, which has been controversial recently, and as of this day, we are announcing the dissolution of GRDL.” They also said, "Ja Mezz will return as an individual and will not evade if there is something he is responsible for."

Ja Mezz also opened up about the recent suspicions on his SNS that day. He said, "I sincerely apologize for causing a stir. I am grateful and sorry to my family, friends, and GRDL family who waited for my position," he said. However, he explained, "The texts and photos shared by A in the chat room on the 19th are false facts that contains edited provocative words and images." However, regarding the picture of the broken windshield of the car released by A, he admitted that it was true that he did it.

In addition, he admitted to the use of drugs, specifically cannabis and LSD, "I have done marijuana and LSD in the past. If there is any legal punishment for this, I will accept it." However, he added, "I completely changed my wrong thinking as I took on the professorship position at a certain university and became GRDL’s CEO, and came to life with a greater sense of responsibility."

Earlier on the 20th, A, who said that she was Jamez's ex-girlfriend, posted on an online community an article claiming that Ja Mezz was the perpetrator of dating violence under the title 'Real-time Ja Mezz Exposure'. He also shocked fans by raising allegations of drug use by Ja Mezz.

Ja Mezz made his debut in 2014 with the single 'Wanna Get'. He gained popularity by appearing in several seasons of Mnet's 'Show Me the Money', and was later on appointed CEO of hip-hop label GRDL in August 2021.

Meanwhile, Grandline Entertainment (GRDL) is established in 2011, and houses artists like Geeks (Louie and lIlBOI), Stella Jang, Mckdaddy, HOTCHKISS, PULLIK, SKYMINHYUK, YUJIHI, and LINUS BLANKET. Grandline Entertainment’s sub-label, Grandline Group (GLG), which is formed in November 2021, is planning to debut new girl group “H1-KEY” this year.


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