Samsung Works on Asymmetrical Foldable Display for Flip Smartphones

They lead the innovations into making smartphones much more efficient with more screens.

When it comes to flip smartphones, Samsung Display unveiled an asymmetrical foldable display for them at a private media showcase held at the Encore in Las Vegas.

A prototype flip smartphone with the upper half shorter than the lower half was on display during the tour, according to Samsung representatives. When the display is folded, the bottom portion of the screen is exposed, which displays basic information such as the time and weather.

"By exposing the bottom screen, flip smartphones eliminate the need for a secondary screen on the outside of the device." "This has the potential to significantly reduce costs while also simplifying the manufacturing process," a company official stated.

When asked how the exposed bottom screen is protected, a representative slid a translucent plastic cover down, which perfectly covered the exposed area.

After being asked whether or not the asymmetrical foldable display would be installed on the future Galaxy Z series, Samsung Display stated it was up to the client. However, it was clear that Samsung Display is taking the asymmetrical concept very seriously, as evidenced by the fact that a photograph of the prototype was not included in the press kit distributed to reporters following the tour.

During the tour, the company also demonstrated double-bending QD display panels that were both foldable and rollable.

It is called The Flex S because it bends in and out twice, forming a "S" curve when folded in half. It also includes a 17.3-inch foldable display panel that is most suitable for portable devices such as notebooks and The Flex Slidable, which extends to a 7.3-inch screen that can be used as a tablet display when folded.

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