The Second Coming of 2PM and Lee Junho

2PM was known to be one of the second generation K-Pop groups who had made it big worldwide. Now, they are experiencing a renewed wave of interest, thanks to a random focus cam clip of one of their members.

Most of us know 2PM as one of the biggest K-pop groups of the second generation. Their songs are known to make the hearts of those in 10s and 20s swoon back then. Songs like 10 out of 10, My House, Again and Again, ADTOY, and many others are known to be one of the legendary K-pop boy group songs to the point they always get covered as team assignments in idol survival shows such as Produce 101. That alone proves how much they have contributed to the K-pop industry as a whole.

Most of their members have also ventured into acting, with very positive results. Taecyeon had just finished Vincenzo, which earned him a nickname of "beastly boss". Fellow members Junhho and Chansung have also earned praise for their acting chops -- Junho in "Good Manager" and Chansung in "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim." Other members Jun. K, Nichkhun, and Wooyoung have successfully launched their solo careers and music writing works.

We can say that 2PM has already reached their peak, and they're supposed to slow down to give way to other boy groups of the present. However, thanks to a member's fan cam, everything changed.

In 2016, they promoted the song My House for a week on music shows, then slowly faded into oblivion. They admitted that they didn't promote that much -- no variety show appearances, no interviews. Aside from the music shows, they also performed in outdoor events, where one of the members Junho was recorded dancing to the song, exuding his own manly charms. Years later, the exact fan cam boomed, mostly with women from late 20s to early 30s. When asked, they said that they felt their hearts fluttering upon seeing Junho. They felt that their ideal man was dancing in front of them, and they all fell in love with him.

Sadly, however, Junho was in the military so they cannot do sudden promotions like what EXID and Brave Girls did when they earned renewed praise and attention.

They finally got their chance to promote in 2021 when all of them have successfully completed their military obligations to the country. At the same time, My House had slowly climbed up to the top of the charts just like how Rollin did with Brave Girls. They grabbed the opportunity at the perfect timing, when they released a new single Make It, and in every comeback showcase they did, they performed My House, which had the renewed charms ready to attract new fans and mesmerize old fans even more.

All the members have acknowledged Junho's contribution to the second epiphany they received from the people. In a guesting in Knowing Bros, Wooyoung said that Junho has never harmed his members in making his decisions, be it as a solo performer or a group member.

Image courtesy of Soompi.

To be completely honest, 2PM has brought a breath of fresh air in a sea of EDM-influenced songs and crazy choreography from boy groups of all shapes and sizes. 2PM has shown the new fans how they create their own music, without losing their identity as 2PM in favor of capitalism. In addition, their current fans are composed of people who are now working and pursuing their married lives, and seeing their idols perform once again has given them a touch of nostalgia on how they cheered with them by going to live performances and spending money on buying their albums.

Also, it is important to note that after Jay Park's exit, they didn't experience any more member changes, and that made their bond stronger than ever. They act as professionals and their friendship added another layer of solidarity towards them. This made 2PM in a more stable position than ever, and thanks to Junho's fan cam, they are experiencing a second coming and they are all basking in its glory.

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