Baby Shark YouTube Video Reaches 10 Billion Views

It dethroned Despacito, along with other popular videos, on the streaming platform.

The YouTube video "Baby Shark Dance," which has the music of the same name as well as some amusing choreography, reached the milestone of 10 billion views on Thursday.

The two-minute film, which is well-liked by both youngsters and adults, depicts the narrative of a shark family on an underwater hunting expedition. The English-language version of the video was released in June 2016, following the success of the Korean-language version in 2015.

The 2.3 billion views garnered by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's megahit pop song, "Despacito," which is currently the second most viewed video in YouTube history, pale in comparison to the record set by the English version of "Baby Shark Dance."

A Pinkfong representative stated that the current stats show more hits than the United Nations' estimated world population of 7.8 billion people. According to the official, based on the number of views, it appears that everyone on the planet has at least once watched the movie.

A tremendous hit on the global music charts, the Baby Shark song peaked at number 32 on Billboard's "The Hot 100" main singles chart and at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart in the United Kingdom.

Pinkfong CEO Kim Min-Seok told a local media source that the popularity of the song can be attributed to "unfamiliarity in the familiar." Sharks are the creatures in this song, despite the lovely and cheerful music. Kim attempted to bring ideas such as selecting a section from classical music or rewriting traditional children's songs to include some K-pop components into the song to fruition. The song is available on iTunes.

"Baby Shark's Big Show!," an animated preschool series is scheduled to premiere in the spring of this year. Pinkfong Company and Nickelodeon Animation Studio will collaborate on the production of the animated series.

After hitting the 10 billion watch mark on Thursday, the Baby Shark film received an additional 5 million views on Friday morning.

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