K WAVE NEWS (7), July 18, 2021

BTS Jimin, Pure White Male God .... mysterious and beautiful video of about 8 seconds

BTS Jimin transformed into an innocent and beautiful male god. As a result, it set a record of surpassing 1 million views at once.A

t 0 o'clock on the 18th, BTS released a short but mysterious and beautiful video of about 8 seconds on the official SNS. Among them, Jimin appears with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers behind his back. His innocent appearance created a strange atmosphere and gave an unknown thrill.

In the three-cut split screen, Jimin exuded a dreamy atmosphere with his fatal and sexy eyes. In 8 seconds, he completely captured his gaze. As a result, the video has been steadily gaining interest since its release and surpassed 1 million views as of July 18.

On the other hand, according to Hanteo Chart, an album sales aggregation site on the 16th, BTS' single CD 'Butter', released on the 9th, sold a total of 1,975,364 copies in one week (July 9th to 15th).

Peter Roh

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