Jay Park Confirms Appearance in B-Boy Dance Survival Program 'Showdown'

Are you excited to see Jay Park show his dancing skills once again?

Singer Jay Park confirms his appearance in 'Showdown' and joins the break dance boom.

JTBC's dance survival program 'Showdown', which will be aired for the first time in March, is a program that properly shows the dignity of Korea, a breaking power, through national treasure-class battles of representative B-boys in Korea.

In particular, Park Jae Beom, a former B-boy dancer, has confirmed his appearance on the show. He is a native of Seattle Breaking Crew AOM and is loved as an irreplaceable icon in the hip-hop scene who has mastered both genres, b-boying and rap, and plans to maximize the fun of battles with his clean progression and friendly and bright energy. In addition, based on a high understanding of break dancing, it is expected that he will boast an unrivaled presence and become a strong central point of 'Showdown'.

In addition to the participation of Jay Park, the appearance of representative B-boys and dancers in Korea was foretold. Jinjo Crew, who achieved the world's first Grand Slam in 2012, Fusion MC, who produced the Asian Games breaking national team, and B-girl Yell, who won the 'Battle of the Year', called the 'World Breaking World Cup' twice, and played an active part in the 'Street Woman Fighter'. The Gambler Crew that produced (Yeri), Reverse Crew, a living legend of the Korean b-boy world, and Flow Excel, to which world champion Hongten belongs, will meet 8 crews from Korea who ruled as the world's strongest crew. The huge lineup that makes you doubt your eyes makes your heart pound.

Aside from these, world-class b-boys such as Hongten, Physics, Wing, Shoreforce, and Kiel, as well as B-boy Leon and B-girl Fresh Bella, who were selected for the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, will participate.

Above all, as it has been adopted as an official event for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the world is competing fiercely for the title of 'Break Dance World Champion' From there, exciting anticipation is gathered.

Korea has maintained its position as a representative breaking power from the time the b-boying craze began to blow in the early 2000s, but in Korea, interest in and awareness of the b-boy culture is on the low side. Accordingly, 'Showdown' plans to lead the 'breaking boom' by introducing breaking crews with brilliant techniques and unique styles as a new battle mission every round, increasing interest in, understanding, and familiarity with dance.

As such, the legendary stage, which can only be seen in 'Showdown', is expected to attract the public with an explosion of adrenaline.

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