Rapper Dok2 Signs With New Music Label '143 Entertainment'

143 Entertainment is the home to Kep1er's Kang Yeseo and Mashiro.

Rapper Dok2 found a new nest two years after breaking up with Illionaire Records.

According to News 1 coverage on the 21st, Dok2 recently signed an exclusive agent contract with 143 Entertainment, which is headed by a singer and record producer DM. Having found a new nest, Dok2 will release a new song in Korea on the 23rd and make a surprise comeback.

Dok2 broke up with Illionaire Records, which he had been with for 9 years, in February 2020, and two years later, he joined hands with DM. DM is a person with whom Dok2 communicated musically from the moment he started rapping. The relationship between the two of them is deep enough that the stage name of Dok2 was also given by a DM who was close.

Dok2, who is starting out, will release a new song that day, and will feature singer Seori. In this song, it is known that Dok2 contains his candid feelings about issues that have occurred to him, such as the breakup with Illionaire Records and the ongoing lawsuit for non-payment of bail payments.

As one of the best rappers in Korea, Dok2, is releasing a new song with sincere emotions from its new agency, it is expected to draw a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, 143 Entertainment, with which Dok2 signed a contract, includes members Kang Ye-seo and Mashiro of the group Kep1er.

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