WJSN's Dawon Diagnosed With Anxiety Disorder + Eunseo Tests Positive For COVID-19

We wish the both of them a speedy and healthy recovery.

Dawon, a member of the Kpop group WJSN, is now seeking therapy for anxiety disorder and has taken a break from the group.

"Dawon is now diagnosed with anxiety illness and is seeking therapy," Starship Entertainment revealed on February 22 via the official fan cafe. We've been speaking with Dawon and putting plans in place to help her heal while keeping to the timeline. However, we determined that she needed to focus on her treatment by getting enough rest and stability.

"After discussing with Dawon, we decided to cease her activities based on the advice of a medical specialist so that she could regain her health." "She intends to concentrate on regaining her health by taking a break from planned activities in the future," Starship wrote.

"We apologize for creating distress to fans with the unexpected news," Starship added. We'll do everything we can to keep Dawon focused on therapy and rest."

Eunseo, another WJSN member, also tested positive for COVID-19. Eunseo has had three doses of the COVID-19 vaccination and is symptom-free save for a mild sore throat. According to the disease control officials, she is currently undergoing treatment at home.

Except for Eunseo, all members of WJSN and staff obtained negative results.


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