THE BOYZ' Jacob Tests Positive For COVID-19

Jacob was diagnosed with COVID-19 upon returning to Korea from Canada.

Jacob from THE BOYZ has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning to Korea from his vacation in his hometown in Canada.

IST Entertainment issued the following statement on February 28:

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

THE BOYZ’s Jacob has tested positive for COVID-19.

Jacob returned to Korea on February 22. He took a PCR test on February 23 and it came back negative on the morning of February 24. While in self-quarantine, he underwent two additional rounds of PCR testing on February 27. Today, the final results came back positive.

According to the disease control authorities, Jacob will receive treatment and remain in isolation until midnight on March 5. He currently has no particular symptoms.

We apologize for causing concern and will do our best to support our artist’s quick recovery.

We are following all the necessary directions of the disease control authorities and will faithfully cooperate with self-quarantine and other rules.

Thank you.

Several members of THE BOYZ tested positive for COVID-19 in January, which includes Eric, Younghoon, Ju Haknyeon, Hyunjae, and Sangyeon. In early February, the following The Boyz members were allowed leave after finishing their quarantine period.

We are wishing Jacob a healthy and speedy recovery!

Chen Rivor

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