"A Business Proposal" Creator Delighted Over Global Success of Drama Adaptation

It has been topping consistently in Netflix charts around the world.

The Kakao webtoon "A Business Proposal," which was recently adapted into a television drama, has piqued the interest of both local and international viewers with its unique, heart-fluttering storyline and dramatic romance of two couples who were brought together by an unexpected blind date has captured the interest of both local and international viewers.

Because of the diverse cultural backgrounds of potential viewers, webtoon author and illustrator Narak stated in an email interview with The Korea Herald that the global launch of "A Business Proposal" began with concerns rather than excitement. "A Business Proposal" is a webtoon about a business proposal.

In the end, it turned out that all of my concerns were unfounded. The fact that my webtoon was being read in numerous languages by readers all over the world was a complete surprise to me," Narak continued.

South Korean webtoon "A Business Proposal" is based on the web book "The Office Blind Date" created by author HaeHwa, which was adapted for the screen. The story revolves on a young office worker named Shin Ha-ri, who goes up for a blind date dressed as a friend only to realize that her date is her company's CEO, Kang Tae-mu, and that she has been duped.

As Tae-mu learns the truth about Ha-actual ri's identity, the romance and the tale progress.

She couldn't contain her enthusiasm when questioned about the webtoon's latest adaption as an SBS drama series, which aired last week.

"Even though I was not engaged in the casting, I was pleasantly delighted by the images and performances put on by the performers," Narak added.

In fact, the artist was taken aback by how closely actress Seor In-a, who played Ha-buddy, ri's Jin Yeong-seo, matched the figure she had created.

Although I don't have a specific reference when developing a character, I love looking at 2D illustrations, comic books and photographs of models or performers. " Furthermore, the actor Seor In-a was unmistakably a webtoon character brought to life," she added.

The artist expressed satisfaction with the series' distinct appearance, which she described as "awesome."

"I noticed the production team's work in incorporating the humorous components of my webtoon and I credit such representations for captivating viewers and bringing value to the rom-com series," Narak stated.

Despite the fact that not all episodes and locales from her webtoon were featured in the drama, she described it as "a new, fresh tale," which she found to be "very enjoyable as a spectator." There are some significant differences between the drama and the movie, including Ha-employment, ri's her connection with Tae-grandfather, mu's a recent episode on hidden camera crimes, and others.

Narak stated that she had always intended to work as a webtoon creator, ever since she found the delight of designing something that she longed to see on the internet or in a comic book.

Narak understood how fantastic her profession is after hearing that some people who are unwell are able to forget about their pain and anxiety while reading her work. She became even more eager to convey happiness to her readers after hearing this news.

Because Narak's webtoon "A Business Proposal" will come to an end in 2020, she hopes to make a comeback with a webtoon from a different genre.

While romance webcomics are enjoyable, I believe a new genre will pique my attention more. "It could be fascinating to incorporate some romance into the forthcoming production," she speculated.

In tandem with the rising success of the drama series, Narak's webtoon has been at the top of Kakao's webtoon list in various countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan, for several weeks in a row.

This is an interview from the Korea Herald.

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