SEVENTEEN To Release English Single Ahead of Full-Length Album

Carats, are you ready for SEVENTEEN's comeback?

Carats, your wait is almost over! SEVENTEEN will release a single in the next month, according to media reports on March 24, ahead of their album comeback. The first English song from the PLEDIS Entertainment group is set to be released in April, followed by a full-length album shortly after. The album was previously scheduled to be released in May.

This will be SEVENTEEN's first full-group English single, aimed for a global audience who has grown to love and enjoy SEVENTEEN's work in its different languages. SEVENTEEN had previously only released music in English in units, so a whole group song is undoubtedly on the fans' wish list.

The thirteen-member boy group has had a wonderful year, breaking multiple records and setting yet another milestone with their latest single, 'Attacca.' The album provided a closer look at SEVENTEEN's self-produced songs while also propelling them to new heights in terms of sales.

It'll be interesting to watch how SEVENTEEN incorporates their own style into a complete group English song. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN will have their next fan meetup in South Korea from March 25 to March 27 in both online and offline formats. On April 20 and 23, the group will release the film 'SEVENTEEN POWER OF LOVE: THE MOVIE' in theaters all across the world, extending their reach even further.

Chen Rivor

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