BIGBANG Drops Teaser Photos Featuring G-DRAGON and Taeyang

Don't these teasers look breathtaking?

YG Entertainment released fresh individual teaser images for BIGBANG's impending comeback 'Still Life,' which features G-Dragon and Taeyang, on March 26, and they look great! As he is surrounded by gorgeous grass and flowers, Taeyang becomes one with nature. With his lengthy, multicolored hairstyle, G-Dragon, on the other hand, appears more glamorous.

The new look of BIGBANG's G-Dragon, who returned from hibernation as an artist, received a warm welcome from fans all around the world. The pastel orange color tone background of the image and the brilliant sunlight streaming through the window foretold the warmth of the record, and fans appreciated his aesthetic sensibilities. The presence of BIGBANG, who has influenced not just music but also fashion and culture, was confirmed.

Taeyang's serene look and lazy gaze captured the hearts of the audience. He has enthralled audiences with his incomparable tone and hip-hop savvy, and fans are eager to see what type of emotion he will display with BIGBANG's new song 'Still Life.'

G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung are the four members of BIGBANG. Seungri, formerly a five-piece band, left the entertainment industry in March 2019. They are known as the 'Kings of K-pop,' having helped spread the Korean Wave abroad and being one of the most influential artists in the genre. They're known for their avant-garde musical experimentation, self-production, and charisma on stage.

'Still Life,' BIGBANG's new digital single, will be published on April 5th. "BIGBANG's 'Still Life' is a song that subtly conveys the members' past times," according to YG Entertainment, and "it contains their true music and messages."

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