BTS's recent online fan meeting boosts sales of certain SMEs

The bean bag chairs and pajama sets they wore are flying off the shelves.

When BTS held a special online fan meeting via V LIVE on August 9, they indvertently used their influence to give certain brands a boost.


During the fan meeting—which was limited to ARMY with memberships—those present identified the pajama pants and top Jungkook was wearing as a set by the brand 5252 by O!Oi.



Soon after the fan meeting ended, ARMY descended on the brand’s web site. Long story short, Jungkook (who’s known as BTS’s sold-out king) did it again. Although the set he was wearing is priced at 132 USD, the fans had no trouble clearing the brand’s stock.


ARMY also figured out that the beanbag chairs and cushions used by the group during the fan meeting were from a brand called Yogibo, which was founded in 2009. From just one concept store in the United States, the brand now has an online presence that reaches Canada, Japan, Korea, and more.



Rumor has it that after BTS’s fan meeting, its web site—which describes their products as “versatile, functional, and modular, with many sensory and health benefits”—was flooded with inquiries. As of this writing, the brand is setting up a separate customer service chat to handle the surge in customers’ interest.

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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