OPINION: Song Kang Needs To Improve More

Even though he is gifted with a god-like face and stunning visuals, people kept on saying that his acting is of an acquired taste.

Song Kang is dubbed as one of the next big things among Korean actors, and we can see why. He debuted in 2017 and has since then snagged major roles in dramas such as Love Alarm, Sweet Home, and Navillera. While so many fans have clamored about his acting gigs, his recent drama Nevertheless with Han Sohee has left a bitter taste in some mouths.

I'll be honest. I have never heard someone praise Song Kang for his acting. If anything, he's being praised for his statuesque looks. I have to admit that I have a crush on him after seeing him on TV. I was like, "Whoa, he's really handsome." His face should be insured because it can be considered as a national treasure. He was also tall and lean-bodied, which is enough to send hordes of fangirls into a frenzy.

As for his acting, well, I guess I have to clean my ears even harder because all I hear is radio silence.

I have to give him credit: he can act on some genres. His acting in Sweet Home was seen to be decent enough but the problem is he has been getting a ridiculous amount of love calls to do major roles in television dramas, but his acting cannot keep up with the people's expectations of him.

Song Kang's current drama, Nevertheless, with World of Married Couple star Han Sohee was based on a webtoon of the same title. It tells the story of a handsome young man falling in love with a simple older woman. It's like the normal Casanova-gets-healed-by-a-woman drama that we already know. The plot looks something normal, so no one's expecting much from it. However, when the first episodes were aired, that's where the shit's hit the fan.

Maybe it's the acting gap between the two? Han Sohee's acting was impeccable and she received tons of praise after only appearing in two episodes. On the other hand, Song Kang's acting left much to be desired. Some people think that it's too early for him to get lead roles, and he should have taken more supporting roles, such as what Im Siwan and Do Kyungsoo did.

When the fans took notice of that, they dismissed it as something trolls would do because why would they compare Song Kang to a woman? And that's where Park Inhwan, Kang's co-star in Navillera told the press in an interview that Song Kang needs to improve on his vocalization because he sounds too timid. He even suggested this to their agency, and he constantly reminded Kang to work on his vocalization before, during, and after the drama.

If a big senior who's also your costar has already told you that you need to improve, then you should really improve. Instead, Namoo actors think that the only way Kang will improve is to take on bigger roles, thinking that experience is the best teacher.

They never learn.

I just wish Song Kang takes extra lessons, because Kim Taehee also received the same advice and she took it by heart. Now, she has improved and fans love her acting prowess even more.

It's never too late, Kang.

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