A K-Pop reporter sheds new light on RM's close bond with ARMY

According to Jae-Ha Kim, he trusts them implicitly.

Asian-American reporter Jae-Ha Kim is known for writing about K-Pop. Over the course of her career, she has interviewed many of the genre’s biggest stars. One such star is Kim Namjoon aka RM, the fearless leader of BTS.


Jae-Ha recently tweeted about a conversation she had with RM one time, in which the superstar rapper talked about how much he enjoys hanging out at the Han River. (If you’re ever in South Korea, make time to see the Han River. You can’t miss it—it flows through the whole city and runs alongside some of the best attractions in Seoul.)


According to Jae-Ha, idols normally ask her not to include certain facts in her articles to protect their privacy. She was more than prepared for RM to do the same, so you can imagine her surprise when he didn’t.


“I suggested his fans may try to find him there. He said that was OK. It was more important to him that fans can explore a part of Korea that he loved. Ahe said he knew his fans would allow him privacy. That's the kind of relationship he has with ARMY. It's built on trust,” she tweeted.


Aww, isn’t that sweet?

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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