The truth behind Lovelyz's split, as told by a YouTuber

This YouTuber broke one of 2021's top stories, so his word counts for something!

Former entertainment reporter Lee Jinho recently uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel, in which he claimed to know the reason behind Lovelyz’s disbandment. (Jinho was the first reporter to claim that “Actor K” was Kim Seonho at the time the controversy first broke out.)


“All the members were talking to Woollim Entertainment about renewing their contract for a long time. In the beginning, things looked good. Some members said they didn’t want to renew, but others wanted to stay with the group. If the agency had been more proactive, Lovelyz would’ve been able to stay together even without all the members.”


He said the beloved Woollim Entertainment girl group disbanded because they couldn’t agree on how to end things.


According to Jinho, “The members who decided to leave the agency also wanted to release one last album to conclude their group activities nicely. But there were unexpected conflicts in opinions. Ultimately, the Lovelyz members and the agency’s CEO weren’t able to work things out. As such, some members who originally wanted to stay with the agency decided to leave.”


Jinho added that the members had been in talks with other agencies for three months before they officially disbanded.

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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