Jewelry's Lee Ji Hyun Revealed Truth About Son

Her son's behavior shocked everyone in the studio and TV viewers.

Actress Lee Ji-Hyun, a former member of the group Jewelry, wept over her son's erratic conduct and behavior, who suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Lee Ji-Hyun featured on JTBC's 'Brave Solo Parenting - I Raise,' which aired on the 3rd and portrayed the everyday life of solo parenting.


"My son was diagnosed with ADHD for the first time when he was 4 years old," Lee Ji-Hyun said, introducing her 7-year-old son Kim Woo-Kyung. The former singer made her first appearance on media for the first time in 7 years. She is now a solo parent of a 9-year-old Kim Seo-Yoon and son, Woo-Kyung.

"At first, I didn't take it seriously because I assumed it would change as he would grow older, but as time went on, it became worse." Lee Ji-Hyun confessed on the show. "We were ordered to leave the kindergarten since going there was inconvenient".




"We moved to a new kindergarten, and it was cut off in two months," Lee Ji-Hyun explained. "When he was 5 or 6 years old, I lived with tears every day, and at some point, Woo-Kyung and I were living like criminals."

"Woo-Kyung had been saying 'I want to die' since he was five years old, and when he said that, I believed the sky was going to collapse."


In fact, during today's program, Woo-Kyung made a bold appearance, declaring, he will murder everyone when his sister did not give in to his whims.

"I believed I should be on Wookyung's side because I wanted to portray how terrible it was for a youngster," Lee Ji-Hyun stated.


In response, Lee Ji-hyun stated that she is attempting to interact with parents and professionals in a similar circumstance around her, study oneself, research ADHD, and stand on the side of the kid, comprehend the child's heart, educate, and offer love.





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