Did you know of this 2AM fact?

We'll tell you about a memorable performance these lads did in their career.

Fans of 2nd Generation KPOP!! 2AM, one of our favorite Kpop balladeers, returned last week with two new songs on their album.
If you're new to the 2AM fandom, there are a few things you should know.

These soulful singers are only half of a one-day group; the other half is  2PM. The latter is known for its peppy songs and their beastly charisma from back in the day. They are perhaps the only 2nd generation K-pop group without a visual assignment, as they're all aesthetically appealing.

2AM's Fanclub is named "I am" because 2AM + 2PM = One Day. I am + Hottest = I am Hottest. Interesting right?



Our balladeer lads are known as 2AM since it is the quietest time of the day, thus they are assigned to perform ballad tunes, which are ideal for lulling you to sleep or making you feel sentimental in the early hours of the morning.


Did you even know, though, that 2AM has a dance song? You've definitely seen them dance in variety shows, particularly the quirky Jokwon. They do, however, have a video where they've included some dancing moves. It's a gem to see our boys dancing to their own music. Here's a live performance of the song by the group.



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