Rapper BLOO Successfully Wraps Up “Moon and Back” 3-Day Concert in Paris

Paris was lucky enough to see BLOO in a 3-day concert tour!

UNCUTPOINT artist and rapper, BLOO, has recently concluded his 3-day “Moon and Back” concert tour in Paris, France.

BLOO was welcomed warmly by an ocean of fans during his tour in Paris, France, and has proven his popularity outside South Korea. The rapper has successfully finished the “Moon and Back” concert tour which happened in Garage London, La Bellevilloise Paris, and Trabendo Paris, on December 3, 5, and 6, respectively, and was organized by Cult of Ya.

[@cultofya | Instagram]

[@cultofya | Instagram]

[@cultofya | Instagram]


Performing his hit songs “Downtown Baby,” “Girl in New York,” “Don’t Say Goodbye,” “Drama,“ “7 Gold Chains,” “So Rude,” and more, BLOO made the crowd go wild, with both the artist and the fans enjoying such a  wonderful time.

On the other hand, BLOO took to Instagram his gratefulness to the fans who went and express how touched he was for the fan projects and the whole support.


Meanwhile, BLOO has become a chart-topper in 2020 for his song “Downtown Baby” which has become viral after singer Lee Hyori sang it once on a variety show. The song rose to the top 1 spot on various music charts last year despite its release way back in 2017.

BLOO released his 2nd Full Album “Moon and Back” in October 2021. Watch the music video for the title track “Girl in New York” below!

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