Won Jin-ah Talks About the Success of "Hellbound"

Read at your own risk as there would be spoilers.

Recent interviews with Won Jin Ah have focused on her involvement in the successful Netflix series "Hellbound" and her personal life.

Yeon Sang Ho's "Train to Busan" is the director of "Hellbound," a six-part Netflix series that takes place in a world where humans are confronted with a terrifying supernatural phenomenon: ambassadors from hell who descend on Earth without warning and sentence victims to eternal damnation. A growing religion led by Jung Jin-Soo (played by Yoo Ah In) begins to gain popularity in the midst of the chaos produced by this horrific new reality, while others anxiously seek the truth behind this bizarre phenomenon.

Song So Hyun is played by Won Jin Ah, who also happens to be the wife of the drama's production director (PD), Bae Young Jae (played by Park Jung Min). The entire time she was in the play, she conveyed the frantic struggle and motherly love of someone whose own kid had been sentenced to eternal damnation.

Hellbound has been a huge hit all over the world, making its way into the Netflix Top 10 list in 59 countries within days of its debut and remaining in the Top 10 list for more than a week on the overall Top 10 global list. Won Jin Ah expressed her amazement at the accomplishment, saying, "I'm really glad that so many people tuned in to see the series." I'm perplexed, but I'm grateful. This was entirely out of the blue. We are relieved that so many people appreciated it, and we hope that more people will watch it in the future."

In an interview, Won Jin Ah stated that when she first read the screenplay, she found it to be so compelling that she wanted to be a part of it, no matter how minor her character was. Her thoughts on the experience: "A whole new universe was presented as if it truly existed, and the director stated that it would convey the story of the planet of hell, so I decided that I wanted to give it a shot." ”

While playing the role of Won Jin Ah, she had to go through a lot of things that she herself had not yet gone through, which made it difficult for her to put her all into it. "I concentrated a lot on thinking what I would do if I were in that situation," she explained. I considered the possibility that my child's days were few, but even then it was difficult for me to accept the reality of the situation. When working with a fake infant prop, I attempted to put my heart and soul into it, as if Toughie were a genuine person."

Won Jin Ah's performance received great acclaim from Park Jung Min, who stated that her lines will serve as a model for aspiring actresses to employ in their auditions in the future. Won Jin Ah expressed his gratitude by saying, "I'm honored, especially because when I initially participated in auditions and workshops, I borrowed lines from Park Jung Min's film 'Bleak Night.'"

Won Jin Ah's character is one that will be difficult to see in the second season, owing to the situation that he is involved in. The commentator Won Jin Ah stated, "I believe the significance of Bae Young Jae's and Song So Hyun's deaths has a significant influence." It's critical that we recognize this as a sacrifice on our part. Personally, I hope that their great love will endure even after they have passed away. As a fan of 'Hellbound,' rather than want to be reborn, I wish to be remembered for the sacrifices I made for love at the end of my life.

The actress then said that there was a joke on set about her returning as a daughter who looked very similar to Song So Hyun in the second season, which she laughed off. As she put it with a giggle, "Because Toughie's gender hasn't been established, I proposed that either Park Jung Min or I may go up dressed as a daughter who looks just like her mother." Yeon Sang-Ho, on the other hand, said no to both."

After being asked which role she was particularly devoted to or wanted to explore, Won Jin Ah chose Yoo Ah In's Jung Jin-Soo since it was a type of role she had never tried before. The actress then went on to praise the actor's body movement as she stated: "Anytime that I saw Yoo Ah In on set, I thought, 'He's extremely amazing at moving his body.'" 'He's just great and cool.' "I'd want to try portraying a character that has a strong sense of justice, but who is also insane and talented in physical activities."

The conversation came to a close with a query regarding her travels and activities abroad. "There's still a lot I need to understand about the location where I'm now residing," Won Jin Ah answered. I believe I should first get a parking space for myself. As someone who enjoys new experiences, it would be beneficial to prepare ahead of time if the chance presented itself."

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