Nevertheless, It Was A Flop

The JTBC drama has brought nothing else to the table aside from the "intense" makeout scenes that are supposed to be titillating to the viewers. It was like an empty chips packet filled with air in a flashy packaging.

Prior to its release, JTBC drama Nevertheless was filled with hype, due to the fact that Han Sohee (of the World of Married Couple fame) and Song Kang (Sweet Home, Love Alarm, Navillera), two of the hottest young actors of this generation, are going to team up to do this drama. Well, who wouldn't be sold to these people's faces and acting chops? The acting chops comment was solely meant for Han Sohee, as Song Kang should improve more on his acting skills.

Then they released the first episode, and while everyone was collectively praising Han Sohee's acting skills, the same cannot be said to Song Kang. Compared to his other dramas, this was one of the heaviest (along with Navillera) in terms of investing emotions. He sure looked like the part in the webtoon -- down to the smallest details -- but it was like a rice puff, crispy on the outside and empty on the inside. Still, people tried to give him a chance.

And then came the second episode with the much anticipated 19+ scenes. And boy did that underwhelm the viewers. They have seen the same level of spicy makeout scenes to the table with the other actors and actresses, so what's new? What's new with a girl sitting on a guy's lap, kissing intensely while shot in 79 different angles? Nothing. The highlight of the scene was when the camera panned to her hands hovering over Song Kang's pants, implying that she takes it off for him, and poof. That's it. Just like Han Sohee's character felt after realising that it was all a spicy dream, we were left craving for more.

Unfortunately, that's how far they're going to get.

Aside from those makeout sessions, Nevertheless didn't bring anything special to the table. No memorable acting scenes, no juicy plot details, no memorable lines, nothing. It's bringing the audiences to nowhere, to the point that some people think that minus the kissing scenes, there's nothing worth watching here.

They''re on their third episode and their ratings have plummeted to all-new lows, even beating their previous records. No PPLs seen because they're not seeing the potential this drama can bring to the advertisers. No raves from the Koreans, one of the pickiest audiences in the world, but surprisingly, the international fans are eating every single crumb.

Well, international fans will eat anything shown on TV as long as it features a handsome actor and a beautiful actress.

Well, my point still stands: Nevertheless needs to step it up -- either the acting chops of the leads or any takeaways from the storyline -- or else, it will just go from here to nowhere.

Krees DG

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