Kim Dowan Talks About His Rising Popularity, "My Roommate is a Gumiho", and His Instagram Followers

He's undeniably happy to receive the attention he's getting now.

Actor Kim Dowan expresses his deepest appreciation towards his fans.

The actor sat down for an interview with the Korean news outlet Newsen to talk about his sudden rise in popularity after My Roommate is a Gumiho finished filming. He mentioned that while he was overwhelmed with all the attention, he feels undeniably grateful for all the positive love and attention he receives from his fans.

He mentioned how he gets a lot of positive messages from fans on his Instagram account. Thanks to his fans constantly sending him direct messages on Instagram, he gets to see several clips of himself making rounds online from the recently concluded drama.

He also noted how his followers have increased, from Startup until now. From less than 500,000 followers before Startup, he has now being followed by a million people on Instagram around the world. He is also grateful that his fans remember his chemistry with Kang Hanna, who he worked with on Startup. He said he'll come back with new dramas with new characters, and he's looking forward to meet his fans soon.

Screenshot taken from Kim Dowan's Instagram account. (@kimdwan_)

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