Former 24K Member BIGONE Signs With UNCUTPOINT + Introduces Own Label

Other than a new agency to manage his activities, the rapper also has set up his own.

South Korean rapper and songwriter and former 24K member BIGONE signed an exclusive contract with UNCUTPOINT and established his own label 'The Dial Music.'

BIGONE's agency, UNCUTPOINT, announced through an official press release that they had recently signed an exclusive contract with BIGONE . UNCUTPOINT the home to hip-hop artists such as BLOO and High School Rapper 4 participant YLN Foreign. After terminating their contract with their previous agency in April of last year, BIGONE has been making progress on its own, releasing the single 'Every Night' in September of the same year. Through this exclusive contract, BIGONE is expected to continue new music activities with more stable support.

With the news of BIGONE's exclusive contract, UNCUTPOINT announced that the rapper had established a label, 'The Dial Music'.

Uncut Point said on the official Instagram, "We established The Dial Music for BIGONE's diverse and independent music activities." An official explained the reason for the establishment of the label, "It is for active music activities," and said, "We plan to carry out various musical activities with various artists."

Meanwhile, BIGONE's new profile picture was also released through the official Instagram.

In the published photo, BIGONE draws attention with a white jacket made of soft material and black leather pants on a field where the sun is setting. In addition, BIGONE creates a dreamy atmosphere by looking at the camera from multiple angles with natural hair that naturally covers the eyes. With a perfect visual, it caught the eye with an urban and luxurious mood, and showed a new charm differentiated from the previous photos.

Meanwhile, BIGONE is about to release a new single on March 18th.

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