Rookie Actor Chu Youngwoo Offered A Role in 'School 2021'

He is a rookie actor who will be appearing in another KBS drama this year.

Rookie actor Chu Youngwoo is in talks to play a role in the upcoming KBS drama School 2021.

Several media outlets have reported that he was offered a role to appear in the drama, and his agency J-Wide Entertainment has confirmed that he received an offer and is currently reviewing it.

If confirmed, he will join WEi's Kim Yohan, Jo Yi-hyun, and Hwang Boreumbyeol as one of the main leads in the drama. He will be taking on the role of Jung Young-joo, a guy who has a connection to Gong Kijoon (Kim Yohan) and his past.

School 2021 is the eighth installment of the School series, where KBS has always been proud to present as one of their representative works. Its school drama series has produced several actors and actresses who went on to become household names in Korea, such as Lee Dongwook, Ha Jiwon, Gong Yoo, Jo Insung, Lee Jongsuk, Nam Joohyuk, and Kim Sejeong.

This is an interesting development for the drama since it was delayed several times due to different issues. Kim Youngdae was confirmed to be the one playing alongside Kim Yohan back in March, but has withdrawn his participation in the drama due to his agency having conflicts with the drama's production agency. Ahn Seohyun was supposed to be the female lead but ultimately dropped out of the drama after having issues with the drama's production agency as well. Kim Saeron also dropped the drama for the same reasons.

This drama is slated to air later this year. Chu Youngwoo will also appear in the upcoming KBS drama Police Academy with Jung Jinyoung.

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