MONSTA X Announces April Comeback

Monbebes, are you ready for MONSTA X's comeback?

MONSTA X is set to make a comeback next month!

MONSTA X will make a group comeback in April, according to a report by Sports DongA on March 23.

"Our agency's singer MONSTA X is prepping for an album with the intention of making a comeback this next April," a source from Starship Entertainment said in response to the story. Later on, the full schedule will be revealed. Please show a lot of love and interest."

Since the release of "No Limit" on November 19, 2021, MONSTA X hasn't released a new album in five months. Fans are looking forward to the release of MONSTA X's new album, especially since Joohoney produced "GAMBLER" and "Rush Hour," while Hyungwon helped produce and write "BEBE" and "Mercy."

I.M, who has consistently contributed to MONSTA X's albums through writing and production, released his self-produced digital mini album "DUALITY" in February of last year, and Kihyun recently made his solo debut with his first solo single "VOYAGER." Minhyuk has also been busy promoting on various variety shows and the radio show Naver NOW's "Vogue Ship Show" (literal title), while Shownu enlisted in the military last year in July.

Are you looking forward to MONSTA X's return?

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