K-netizens choose the lineup of a female version of SuperM

They made excellent choices, if I do say so myself.

The members of SuperM—the South Korean supergroup formed in 2019 by Capitol Music Group and SM Entertainment—are all from preexisting boy groups. Before they released the global hit “Jopping,” Baekhyun, Kai, Lucas, Mark, Taemin, Taeyong, and Ten were on different paths.


Some of them belonged to EXO (Baekhyun and Kai), some to NCT (Mark and Taeyong), and some to WayV (Lucas and Ten). Taemin, for his part, had been promoting in SHINee since he was 14 years old. They shone in their original groups, but when they got together to form SuperM, the results were nothing short of phenomenal.


Their success had Korean netizens wondering what the lineup of a female version of SuperM would look like. After some discussion, this is what they came up with.


Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation – leader, main vocalist



Yuri of Girls’ Generation – main dancer



Krystal of f(x) – center, visual



Seulgi of Red Velvet – dancer



Wendy of Red Velvet - vocalist



Can’t say I disagree. These talented women would make a truly super supergroup!

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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