Meet These 4 Male YouTubers Who Look Like KPop Idols

These four YouTubers are known to share good tips in styling, makeup, and other topics while gracing our screens with their handsome faces.

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Korean YouTubers have set the video sharing platform on fire with their pro tips on everything from food, clothing, fashion, and their daily lives. Thanks to them, the word mukbang was added in the English dictionaries quite recently, setting a trend of original content across many content creators.

These four male YouTubers are well known across the platform, with some appearing on television or even dramas as cameos. They are well known for their skills in their respective niches, and they are also gorgeously handsome.

Without further ado, here are the top four Korean male YouTubers I recommend to everyone:


Sincook is known for his mouthwatering mukbangs of convenience store food, making everyone's stomachs rumble and mouths salivate just by watching him eat deliciously. He also runs a makeup channel where he tries on different looks suitable for Korean men, for their daily looks or for special occasions. He also does makeup challenges, including that one time he tried to copy the makeup of Cravity's Song Hyeongjun, with some people telling him he looks like the rookie idol. His videos are filled with fun, laughter, and oozing with confidence.


He is another well-known YouTuber who specializes in makeup and skincare for everyday men. His looks are easy to copy, and something every average young man can wear outside without having too much. He also hosts regular QAs, with him answering so many questions. He also hangs out with fellow YouTubers such as Sincook (fun fact: they used to be roommates!) and other ulzzangs in the community. His videos do not have English subtitles at times, so if you are looking for something to practice on your Korean listening skills, you can watch his videos.

Veiled ASMR

Okay, so I think a lot of people know him. Veiled ASMR is also known as Han Seungju, his real name. He uploads ASMR videos that will make your hearts beat and flutter, while looking at his handsome face. He allows his fans to pretend they're his boyfriend in each of his videos. Aside from doing ASMR videos, he also does workout videos and styling videos. He has since styled so many celebrities, including SF9 and Rowoon. He was also recognized by different international brands such as Bottega Venetta, Burberry, and Prada.


Botnojam gained popularity as a YouTuber who chronicled his studying sessions while preparing to be a police officer. Sadly, he didn't pass the examinations but he earned tons of fans with his handsome face. Since then, he has ventured into doing other activities on YouTube such as answering QAs, doing mukbangs, ASMR videos, and covers to some songs. More people are hoping they can see him on TV as an actor.

Are there any YouTubers I failed to include here? Sound off in the comments down below!


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