ONF surprises fans with news of upcoming group enlistment

Five out of the group's six members will join the military at the same time.

ONF shocked fans with the news that five out of six members would be enlisting in the military. Except for the group’s lone Japanese member U (who’s exempted from military service in South Korea), E-Tion, Hyojin, J-US, MK, and Wyatt will all enlist in a month or so.


In a handwritten letter, member Hyojin said, “Apart from U, the rest of the members have decided to enlist at the end of the year to fulfill our duty to the country. As we wanted to come back as a whole quicker and meet Fuses, the members decided it as such. We hope our feelings are conveyed to Fuses well.”


Member J-US did his best to cheer up their fans in his own letter. “Our enlistment is less than a month away, so I hope there will be days where we can support each other by making a lot of pleasant memories rather than grieving,” he wrote.


ONF could’ve waited another year or two to enlist because most of them were born in 1994 or 1995. But they’ve made their decision, and although some of their fans are disappointed, the majority of Fuses applaud their decision to stick together no matter what.

Juan Leonardo Mauricio

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